Register a Jabber account

This page allows to create a Jabber account in this Jabber server. Your JID (Jabber IDentifier) will be of the form: username@server. Please read carefully the instructions to fill correctly the fields.

  1. Username:
    • This is case insensitive: macbeth is the same that MacBeth and Macbeth.
    • Characters not allowed: " & ' / : < > @
  2. Server:
  3. Password:
    • Don't tell your password to anybody, not even the administrators of the Jabber server.
    • You can later change your password using a Jabber client.
    • Some Jabber clients can store your password in the computer, but you should do this only in your personal computer for safety reasons.
    • Memorize your password, or write it in a paper placed in a safe place. In Jabber there isn't an automated way to recover your password if you forget it.
  4. Password Verification: